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Suicide is an insult to God, Sanskrit Mahanayak Megastar Aazaad

Military school student, international brand ambassador of Sanskrit, Latin, restorer of the entire Sanatan culture by making it alive, awakened and advanced through the eclipse of Aham Brahmasmi, Sanskrit Mahanayak Megastar Aazaad said that committing suicide is an insult to God. The humanism that God has given us is to live a meaningful life not for its destruction. Remember that every moment that your life is not only yours but it is also the property of your family, society, and nation.

Megastar Aazaad, who has spread the Sanatan Culture of India at the International level, said that many great people have written articles on the impotent mindset of self-immolation, according to me, one of the articles written by Osho Rajneesh is probably the best and sensitive survey, which I am presenting to you.

#Osho's thoughts on suicide:

Why do you think about suicide? Are you crazy or something?

I know you are bored with life. If you are really bored, do not commit suicide, because suicide will bring you back again to this #life - and maybe you will get even more ugly life, as it is now; Because suicide will create more dirt inside you.

Committing suicide is a disrespect to #existence! Existence gave you the opportunity of life to grow, and you waste this opportunity just like that.

And till you do not grow and become Buddha by developing, you will be thrown again and again in life. It has been done millions of times before - now is the time, now wake up! Do not miss this opportunity!

Stay here and learn the art of real suicide. In reality, one does not destroy his or her body. The body is beautiful, the body has done nothing wrong. This is the mind, which is ugly. The soul is also beautiful, but there is something between the body and the soul, which is neither the body nor the soul - it is the mind in the middle!

It is the mind that drags you into the womb again and again!

When you die, if you commit suicide, then you will be thinking about life itself. To commit suicide means that you are thinking about life. You are bored, tired of life, you want a completely different life - that's why you are committing suicide, not that you are against life. You are just against 'this' life.

Maybe you don't want to be like you are - maybe you want to be Alexander, Napoleon or Hitler, maybe you want to be the wealthiest person in this world, and you are not! This life failed, and you wanted to be famous, wanted to succeed - now you want to destroy this life.

People do not commit suicide because they are really tired of life, but do it because this life is not fulfilling their demands. But life never fulfills the demands of anyone. You will always go away after missing something. If you have money, but maybe you are not beautiful. If you are beautiful, you may not be intelligent. If you are intelligent, but you may not have money. And, maybe someone can get everything, yet how will it help? You will be insatiable

The same things keep repeating in every life, the body changes, but the direction remains the same!

People think that those who commit suicide are against life - this is not true. They have a longing for life, they have a great desire for life. And since life does not fulfill their desires, they destroy themselves in anger, stress, depression and frustration.

I will teach you the right way to commit suicide. Not by destroying the body, the body is the most beautiful gift of existence! The mind is not the gift of existence, the mind is cremated with society. The body is a gift, and the soul is a gift - and between these two, society plays tricks with you; That's why society has made up this mind. It gives you ambition, it gives you jealousy, competition, violence, it gives you all kinds of dirty diseases.

But this mind can be transcended, the mind can be kept aside. This mind is not necessary!

I am sitting in front of you, and I am telling you from my experience, I am saying with my authority that the mind can be kept aside. This is very easy, you just need to know how to do it.

And, dying in suicide is so #painful, because it is not a #natural phenomenon, it is the most unnatural thing. No tree ever commits suicide - only a man does because only man can be so crazy! Nature knows nothing about suicide, it's a discovery of man! This is the lewdest and ugly act. And whenever you talk to yourself very ugly, you cannot hope that you will get a better life ahead. You will die in a very bad condition of the mind, and you will enter a very inferior womb.

But what is the need for suicide? Just ask!

You have definitely lived wrongly, that is why life has not been made a beautiful song, certainly, you have lived foolishly like an ignorant - that is why there was no celebration in life. You cannot dance in bliss with #stars, nor with flowers, nor with #waves, nor dance joyfully in the rain because you have lived the life in a wrong manner as other people have lived before.

It is a continuous phenomenon. #Foolishness goes on automatically. Parents go away giving their children mediocrity, and these children give all the mediocrity to their children. This is a hereditary legacy! It is called tradition, it is called heritage, it is called culture ... there are big names!

Think of the way you have lived till now, and then a new kind of intelligence will come in your life, and your life will be more intense.

Think of your behavior. As far as you have lived, pay attention to it - something fundamentally wrong has happened.

Birds are singing songs, and #trees, and #flowers ... this eternal existence - is this the place to commit suicide? Dance in this place, sing songs, #celebrate, #love, and let people love!

And if you can love this existence, if you can feel the blessings of this #existence, then I promise you that whenever you die, you will not come back - because you have learned the lesson. Existence never sends anyone back if it has learned the path of life.

If you learn to be blissful, you will be acceptable. Then your doors will open for higher secrets. Then you will be welcomed into the innermost secrets of life.

This is what I call real suicide, and for this, I have named it #Dhyana!

(An excerpt from the "Be Settle and No" sermon).










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