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Sanskritputra Megastar Aazaad Thanks To Samskrita Bharti

It’s a great happening for the enlightened Sanskrit lovers. Vishwa Sanskrit sammelan is going on successfully in Delhi organized by Samskrita Bharti. Thousands of Sanskrit lovers from 17 countries are attending Sanskrit Bharati Vishwa Sammelan, the three-day mega event that began on the last Saturday in New Delhi.

Time has changed. It’s the new morning of new India. after cultural slavery for thousands of years India is free now in the true sense of meaning. Military school student and Sanskritputra Sanatani nationalist Megastar Aazaad has changed the whole scenario with his magnum opus and the first mainstream Sanskrit movie Aham Brahmasmi.

The whole atmosphere is enriched with Sanskrit and our divine ancient culture i.e. Sanatan Dharma. After the immensely successful screenings of Aham Brahmasmi in our spiritual capital Kashi and national capital New Delhi and great oratory performances of megastar Aazaad in different public functions organized by different Sanskrit organizations, universities across the nation, Aazaad has created the Renaissance magic for the revival of the language of gods Sanskrit and transform into the language of the people so that we can achieve our divine legacy once again. Aazaad will preside an all India Sanskrit Mahakumbh in Kashi very soon which will be a historical super event and will be remembered for ever.

Sanskritputra Aazaad has created Aham Brahmasmi as a weapon to counter anti Sanskrit and anti-India forces. A journey started by Aazaad is now becoming the journey towards our divine culture established by our supreme sages. Megastar Aazaad’s timeless creation Aham Brahmasmi is jointly produced by the


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