Bombay Talkies Foundation is an international trust for the purpose relating to and revolving around the production, promotion, distribution, exhibition and further development of literature as developed and promoted by researcher, thinker, philosopher and international filmmaker Aazaad, around the world, by the means of film/movie/TV/Web Series production, distribution, exhibition, music, theatre, media and all the related entertainment, Creative art, International film festival and many more with the ultimate charitable mission. The core intention is to unite the whole world and establish the purity of Art, ancient culture, knowledge and wisdom through cinematic creation which will serve the mankind as the forgotten life energy through cinematic creation and to project-protect-promote the first full-fledged film studio of Asia and legendary film company, The Bombay Talkies Studios along with its sister concerns throughout the world. 

1 Ghanshyam Dube Tower,
M G road, Borivali – East,
Mumbai – 400066.
Maharashtra, India


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